Dragon Warriors (2013 Series)
Number 01
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Heart of Fire
Original airing: January 05, 2013
Production Order

Dragon Warriors or Light Soldiers Dragon Warriors (光戦士ドラゴンウォリアーズ Hikari senshi Doragon U~oriāzu) was the fan-fictional tokusatsu series. This series was first submitted on DeviantArt.


1,000 years ago, a powerful dragon known as the Dragon of Light, who brings peace and harmony to the world. But one day, a great and powerful But one day, a warlord, who is a being of terror, who wants to destroy him to satisfy his thirst for war and blood. The Dragon of Light took upon this evil. But he used his greatest power which caused him to sacrifice his life to destroy the evil one and end the war. But his spirit lives on and split several of his powers and scattered across the world until the one who is born shall receive part of his power and become the new hope for the world known as... Dragon Warriors. Now, 2000 years later, Kaiza has risen once again to gather the the lifeforces of all the humans in, so they can be able to revive their king to his normal state. They target for that is Metra City, a semi-futuristic city. However, the only ones who can stop them are the chosen warriors by the Dragon of Light, are the Dragon Warriors.


Dragon WarriorsEdit

Main article: Dragon Warriors (Characters)
Red Brick Richardson
White Nina Lane
Yellow Dylan Parker
Blue Riku Kaioh


Shinyo Ninja Shinyo Ninja

Grand Empire KaizaEdit

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Arsenal (Dragon Warriors)


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Ep. 01: The Heart of Fire

Ep. 02: Winds of Friendship

Ep. 03: Dragon of Thunder

Ep. 04: Fire and Thunder Don’t Get Along

Ep. 05: Battle of the Giants

Ep. 06: A True Friend

Ep. 07: Our Hidden Power Within

Ep. 08: A Birthday Nina will Never Forget

Ep. 09: Dragon Warriors’ Final Mix

Ep. 10: Kyosan's Demise

Ep. 11: The Strongest Warrior of Earth

Ep. 12: Red Decision

Ep. 13: Blue Resolve

Ep. 14: Yellow Wisdom

Ep. 15: Life Crumbles

Ep. 16: The White Heart

Ep. 17: Green Confidence

Ep. 18: Dragon’s Choice

Ep. 19: Madison in Love with Evil!?

Ep. 20: Way of the Heart

Ep. 21: The Twin Dragon Warriors

Ep. 22: Getting to Know You

Ep. 23: Unfreeze Silver’s Heart

Ep. 24: Eggcellent Partnership

Ep. 25: The Origins of Friends

Ep. 26: Something Fishy

Ep. 27: DDS, Dance Dance Synchro

Ep. 28: The Truth Reveals

Ep. 29: Storming into the Grand Palace

Ep. 30: The Dragon of Light

Ep. 31: What is Important

Ep. 32: Save the Last Play

Ep. 33: The Bonds of Brother and Sister

Ep. 34: Careful What You Said

Ep. 35: Dragon Fever

Ep. 36: Clever Strategy and Tactic

Ep. 37: Nina’s Tear

Ep. 38: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Ep. 39: Aren’t We Friends?

Ep. 40: Fear Itself

Ep. 41: The Black Swan

Ep. 42: When Hearts Collide

Ep. 43: The Shark Panic

Ep. 44: A Shark’s Tale

Ep. 45: Sudden Break Up!?

Ep. 46: Sin and Punishment

Ep. 47: Duel of the Two Warriors

Ep. 48: The Time is Nay

Ep. 49: Five-Star King’s Full Revival

Ep. 50: The Final Battle


  • The Dragon Warriors were inspired by many Tokusatsu Series such as, Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero Series, and vary others.
  • Dragon Warriors was the only series that is experiencing long delays.
  • The first series was originally submitted in June 18, 2010. However, the series only last for four episode, and there was no report on the series. Which result that the series is put in a very long hiatus. However, the series is now reborn, with the edits on the story, and new ideas for the series.

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